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My Flower Patch, Natural Floral Design, Logo

FuneralWreath1Being asked to create funeral flowers is a real honour. We genuinely believe that being able to create naturally arranged funeral flowers to say goodbye to someone is something special. When we design a floral tribute that truly represents your loved one, we couldn’t be prouder.

Whether they loved the great outdoors, were an avid gardener, adored flowers, or were just full of the joys of life, your loved one should be celebrated and commemorated with flowers as individual as they were. Farewell flowers should be flowers they would have loved to receive.

FuneralBouquet250 1Whenever possible, we love to be able to harvest a few stems of foliage or flowers from either the deceased’s garden or the gardens of their loved ones, making for a truly personal service. Creating a tribute to them that contains stems that they either loved and nurtured or enjoyed seeing in the garden is something unique.

Flowers for funerals can be arranged in our version of a traditional style casket spray, a hand-gathered natural sheaf of flowers, a circular floral wreath, a heart-shaped wreath, posy arrangements or an individual design created with that person in mind. We don’t use floral foam in any arrangements. Floral tributes designed for an eco-friendly burial or a green funeral that are entirely biodegradable are one of our specialities. Everything used in these green burial arrangements will go back to nature and leave no trace.

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Carole T

CaroleT 444 2

"My mum loved flowers and she loved her garden. I cannot remember a time when there wasn’t a vase of flowers in the house. So, when it came to choosing these most personal of flowers I wanted them to reflect mum’s tastes. 
I wanted them to have stunning natural glory, that just picked look; the look of blooms grown with care and arranged with pride and that’s what you get with My Flower Patch."

Sue & Emily

SueEmily 444

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Obviously, it was a very sad day, but the woodland was lovely in the sunshine and your flowers certainly added to that. It was touching to see insects hovering about them.
Thank you again.


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