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Amanda S

Amanda 444

Just had the most wonderful morning learning how to & creating a beautiful wreath. Sara and Ann were great tutors and the selection of foliage and goodies available to adorn the finished product was fabulous. Looking forward to making more and will be asking Sara to source foliage etc for me. I always love to support local businesses, especially when they are such lovely people! Thank you for a lovely time!

Polly S


Thank you, My Flower Patch & Barbara Leatham Photography, for a great photography workshop last week. I used to rely totally on my camera 'Auto' settings and didn't have a clue what all the other buttons, knobs and numbers meant! But with Barbara's expert guidance, the beautiful flowers at the patch and fuelled by delicious cake, I'm now much more confident behind the lens.

Karen G

Karen G 250

Thank you so much, Sara
I really enjoyed this morning - a very welcome distraction during these worrying times. Like many people, I am finding my garden an oasis of calm and hopefulness at the moment.
Take very good care of yourself.

Lucy O

Lucy O 250

Thank you so much for the workshop, Sara.
I very much enjoyed this onto sourcing plants(my favourite occupation)
I might even have a go at the slug nematode recipe...I had no idea that such a thing was possible!
Warmest wishes,

Anna PG

AnnaPG 444

Lovely informative workshop in beautiful environment. Practical and helpful advice and hopefully I will be able to grow my own flowers for the house which is what I want.

Louise W

LouiseW 333

Such a lovely morning at the wreath making workshop - great fun, rather therapeutic and I surprised my uncreative self with the beautiful wreath that is now on my front door! Many thanks Sara.