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My Flower Patch, Natural Floral Design, Logo

Sara Willman Natural Wedding FlowersWelcome to My Flower Patch, Wedding & Event Floristry in Wiltshire and Surrounds using British-Grown Flowers

Hello! I'm Sara, I run My Flower Patch, and here is my new Blog – Ta-dah! ?

As this is a new space, I thought it would be good practice to introduce myself and tell you a little about My Flower Patch.

I set up My Flower Patch in 2010, and it has gone through many adaptions and changes through those years. But one thing has remained constant, I work with British-grown flowers for all my floristry, and constantly try to educate myself and improve my ways in sustainable floristry. 

My Flower Patch is based in Upavon, Wiltshire and I will travel throughout Wiltshire and parts of surrounding counties such as Hampshire, Berkshire & Dorset. I specialise in providing flowers for Weddings, funerals and events.  

I love working with British-grown flowers. I love their twiddly bits, their personality, their freshness, and their vibrancy. I find that British-grown flowers suit my natural floral design style perfectly, or maybe my style has developed because of my exclusive use of British flowers, that’s a bit of a chicken and egg one, isn’t it? I love to create designs that reflect nature, and many times people have thought the designs were planted and still growing rather than using cut stems.

Wedding flowers are a big part of my business. I love working with people who love flowers too, who value them and enjoy the truly seasonal nature of British-grown flowers. Who want their wedding flowers to look natural, stylish, garden-gathered, and perfectly imperfect. Simple wedding flowers, beautifully arranged to honour nature. Often my customers say they want to bring the look of the outdoors into their venue – music to my ears. 

Another aspect of my business that brings me huge satisfaction is providing funeral flowers that comfort those who are mourning the loss whilst celebrating the life of a loved one. It sounds cliche to say it is an honour to be asked, but it really is. I strive for the personal touch and create tributes that seem to speak to the families, honouring a life well lived. 

Often the tributes I am asked to provide are for someone who was a fan of nature and the outdoors themselves. They want natural funeral flowers that are inspired by nature and represent them and the joys in their life. Sometimes, when it is suitable, I can pick stems of foliage or flowers from their garden to be incorporated into the arrangement to create a tribute as unique as they were. 

For Eco-burials and Green funerals, I will design arrangements that leave nothing but memories behind. 

I pour my heart and soul into my all my designs, working with you to bring your flowery dreams to life. The grin and the crazy hair come along for free when I’m delivering your flowers, but don’t worry, I am house-trained and know how to blend into the background if I’m moving amongst your guests. 

So, follow along to find out more and see where this new blogging journey leads me! Hopefully, it won’t be like the diaries I always started in the Januarys of my childhood that lasted until February at the most!

Contact me today to discuss how we can create naturally styled wedding and event flowers with elegance and grace. Together, we'll curate bespoke arrangements tailored to your style and venue, ensuring an unforgettable celebration in Wiltshire, Berkshire, or Hampshire.

Discover inspiration and insights on my other blog posts, and let's start bringing your floral dreams to life for your special event!

Photo credit Suzy Ellis Brand Photography