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Three words that most of us have integrated into many parts of our lives. We are more and more aware of the need to change and adapt our daily practices to lighten our footprint on the planet Weddings are a time to celebrate, and with the increasing awareness for us all to look towards eco-friendly practices in order to help protect the planet, many couples are now looking for ways to make their big day as sustainable as possible. One way to do this is to opt for elegant, naturally-styled arrangements featuring British-grown seasonal flowers.


When it comes to sustainable wedding flowers, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, sourcing locally-grown seasonal flowers means that the carbon footprint of the flowers at your event is kept to a minimum. Secondly, using British-grown flowers means that your blooms are likely to be grown with as few chemicals as possible. And if you use a florist who is used to sourcing British-grown flowers they will be of the highest quality. Finally, opting for naturally-styled arrangements allows the beauty of the flowers to shine without the need for excessive styling or throw away plastic decorations. I will not use green plastic-based floral foam (it's a single-use plastic and a microplastic pollutant of the waterways) and I look for eco alternatives where necessary. I am always on a mission to reduce single-use plastic, thinking outside of the traditional floristry box to come up with alternatives. I love learning about more sustainable methods of floristry and how to implement these into my work. I also encourage my couples to take home their flowers or give them away at the event of their event, to reduce waste and will use floristry methods to make this easier to achieve where necessary.  

So, what types of flowers are best for sustainable wedding arrangements? Well, that depends on many things. But primarily the time of year, and the weather that year. One of the unique ways in which I work is that you won't know what flowers will arrive on your wedding day until they arrive! You will get the very best flowers, selected in your colour palette and arranged to complement the style of your wedding. Some years we may have British-grown peonies on your wedding date, some we may not. Some years the roses will be at the perfect stage to make an appearance on your big day, some years they won't. If you have an emotional attachment to a certain flower, please do tell me, and I will be able to advise how likely it is that I can source that flower. But I won't promise anything too specific. So that the magic of the seasons really shines through. 

Making sure your wedding flowers are sourced and arranged sustainably is just one of the ways you can help to make your special day as eco-friendly as possible. With the right flowers and my expertise, I can create beautiful, natural wedding flowers in arrangements that will create lasting memories, feature in the wedding photos you display on your wall and make a big impression on you and your guests. 


Are you ready to make your Wiltshire, Berkshire, or Hampshire wedding truly unforgettable with the beauty of British-grown flowers whilst still looking after the planet? If this post has sparked your imagination, I would love to help bring your floral dreams to life. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today, and let's create a naturally styled masterpiece that perfectly reflects your vision.

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