My Flower Patch, Natural Floral Design, Logo

My Flower Patch, Natural Floral Design, Logo

FlowersFuneral flowers carry a very special place in my heart. To be able to offer something truly personal as a way of helping a family say goodbye is a very special part of my business. Being able to create flowers that truly represent that person as they were when they were alive.

Flowers can be arranged in my own take on a traditional style coffin topper or double-ended spray. A hand-gathered sheaf of flowers, a circular funeral wreath, or an individual design created with that person in mind. Floral foam is not used in any arrangements. 


Farewell flowers, like the rest of my floristry, will be created using British-grown flowers and foliage. When it is possible, I love to be able to harvest a few stems of foliage or flowers from either the garden of the deceased or the garden of their loved ones, creating a truly personal service. Perfect if you are looking for funeral flowers for someone who was a keen gardener, a lover of nature, or you are just looking for that natural style of funeral flowers. 


Floral displays for Celebration of Life Services are also a beautiful option. providing farewell flowers that comfort those who are celebrating the life of a loved one. I can help you decide what would be most appropriate for your service. 

Floral tributes designed for an eco-friendly or green burial that are totally biodegradable are a speciality. Everything used in their construction will go back to nature and leave nothing behind but memories. 

I strive for the personal touch and create tributes that seem to speak to the families, honouring a life well lived.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are looking for naturally styled funeral flowers, created with love. 


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