We grow beautiful fresh flowers for all occasions


Happy Birthday

Has your friend got a birthday coming up? Our flowers make a perfect present.


Do you need a gorgeous gift to say thank you?

Unique Flowers

Are you hosting a dinner party? Small and intimate or large and lavish, we can help with unique flowers to suit your style.

Baby Arriving

Are you looking for the perfect flowers to celebrate a new baby?

Special Occasion

Would you like a stylish way to mark a special occasion or an anniversary?

Vase Arrangements

Can we help you be the perfect guest with a stunning vase arrangement for your weekend hosts or dinner party hostess?


Or a luxury way to mark a happy couple’s engagement.

Just Because

How about you, do you deserve a treat? Just because… well, just because!

Regular Delivery

Or can we help you with a weekly or monthly delivery of locally grown, seasonal flowers, arranged in a vase for you to just enjoy.

At My Flower Patch we can help you with the perfect flowers to send just the right message.

Our flowers are available for collection from Upavon, or delivery can be arranged within the surrounding villages. Just call Sara to discuss.


Some pictures of our beautiful flowers. Click or hold the link button on each photograph for more information. 

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What we do!

At My Flower Patch we can provide beautiful and unique flowers for lots of different reasons or occasions. Your flowers will be picked to order so they will be super fresh, and picked at the right point for the best vase life possible for each type of flower.

Collection from Upavon or delivery can be arranged within 10 miles of Upavon.


Bouquets and Posies

Individual bouquets, posies and arrangements for birthdays, special occasions, to say thank you or if you need to say sorry. To give as a gift, or to keep as a treat for yourself.


The Frequent Flower Club

Vase arrangements, for individuals or local businesses that look forward to a regular vase of beautiful flowers. We will deliver weekly, fortnightly or monthly a freshly picked, seasonal display to suit your style and colour scheme. We can organise this as a way to decorate your business premises, a gift for someone special, or just for you.


Buckets of Blooms.

A bucket of the freshest, most lovely flowers available for indviduals who like to arrange their own flowers. Suitable for flower arrangers, church flower ladies, or anyone hosting an event where they want to arrange their own seasonal flowers.


Flowers for Florists

We can provide stunning flowers for florists to use in their event work. We will work with you to ensure you have the freshest flowers for that seasonal look. We grow flowers, foliage, herbs and ornamental grasses for you to use to complement your style. We don’t specify a minimum number of stems per variety.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order please give us a call to discuss your requirements, or send an email, click here for contact details.


Henry pruning Myflowerpatch.co.uk

Pruner and irrigation expert


Henry is Sara’s son. He is a regular at My Flower Patch. He loves deadheading, pruning and anything that means he gets his hands on a pair of scissors! He is a master at picking up stones with his dumper truck and enjoys filling his wheelbarrow with weeds. Henry is also the water specialist at the patch, and can most often be found filling his watering can from the water store, or tipping it into various buckets and jugs!

His favourite flower is anything purple, well it was when he was last asked. The phrase heard most often from him in relation to flowers is “They’re bootiful Mummy!”

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Tilly WIllman Labradoodle Myflowerpatch.co.uk

Patch Pooch

With thanks to Katie Spicer Photography for the photograph of Tilly


Tilly is the My Flower Patch pooch. She is a Labradoodle, who is big, blonde and fluffy. She is great company at the flower patch and loves to spend hours sniffing around, checking out the view and having the ‘occasional’ snooze. She makes mad doodle-dashes to chase off the hovering buzzards and barks at the army training on Salisbury Plain. She is scared of frogs, despite her size, but she does love a dip in the River Avon when the weather suits.

Tilly is a bit of a star on Twitter and Instagram, and made quite a hit during British Flowers Week 2014, where she modelled different flowers each day. She regularly appears in posts by My Flower Patch on social media, so far she hasn’t demanded her own Twitter feed. Let’s hope it stays that way!

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Ann Barton Greenwood myflowerpatch.co.uk

Flower grower and Florist

With thanks to Katie Spicer Photography for the photograph of Ann


Ann is Sara’s mum. Ann has arranged flowers as a hobby for many years and has always enjoyed gardening. Ann helps maintain the patch from planting to harvesting, and conditioning to arranging the flowers. She’s a whizz with the washing and bleaching of buckets and vases - a vital job for helping get the best vase life out of the flowers. Ann will often deliver the flowers to customers.

Her favourite flowers last year were the Zinnias in all their vibrant shades. The productivity of some of the plants that are grown from seed always astounds Ann, she loves the cut and come again nature of some of the flowers, and the glorious grasses that My flower Patch is becoming a little bit famous for.

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The Team

Members of the My Flower Patch Team


Click on each photo to find out more about us


Sara Willman myflowerpatch.co.uk

Sara Willman

Flower grower and Florist

With thanks to Katie Spicer Photography for the photograph of Sara

Ann Barton Greenwood myflowerpatch.co.uk

Ann Barton-Greenwood

Flower grower and Florist

With thanks to Katie Spicer Photography for the photograph of Ann

Tilly WIllman Labradoodle Myflowerpatch.co.uk


Patch Pooch

With thanks to Katie Spicer Photography for the photograph of Tilly

Henry pruning Myflowerpatch.co.uk


Pruner and irrigation expert